Anorexia is when you look in the mirror and your eyes see thin, but you brain sees fat. Starving yourself is not Anorexia it’s just a symptom of the disease.

I’m glad that you’re trying to express your thoughts and feelings, but please do it in an informed way. It’s actually not…

I couldn’t agree more I am not a doctor and I don’t plan on being one. You are also right that my definition COULD be wrong I never claimed it was right. I specifically am just putting thoughts out there on my interpretation not trying to spread somebody else’s. Sorry for taking up your time, but your post really got to me. It made me feel as though I was a bad person when that wasn’t my intention. I am sorry I don’t meet your standards of a correct Anorexia definition, but this is my opinion and I have been told when I have an opinion stick with it till you make a new one.


P.S. I also believe that doctors shouldn’t be able to diagnose mental disorders until they have been through it. That is like me saying skydiving is scary without actually going skydiving.